Red River Therapy Room  overlooks the river instilling healing and calm prior to any treatment taking place. We have a variety of treatments available in our Therapy Room. 
Therapies offered include holistic massage, ayurvedic yoga massage, healing massage, reflexology, reiki, access bars sessions and Sat Nam Rasayan yogic healing. Book your preferred treatment here and email us to arrange your preferred date and time for your appointment.

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Healing Massage

A combination of  massage and intuitive healing releasing deep body blocks and old traumas from the body.


€75 per session

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Sat Nam Rasayan Healing

A healing treatment from the yogic tradition. Deeply relaxing and non-invasive.


€60 per session

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Access Bars Treatment

The bars are 32 points on the head which when touched gently release stored emotions and old beliefs thereby relieving stress and tension and deeply held patterns.

€75 per session