Equinox Retreat - Self balance - 21st September 2019

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Equinox Retreat - Self balance - 21st September 2019


We can use the powerful energy of the equinox time to bring balance into our personal lives. In this one day workshop we will explore where in our lives we can become more balanced and how we can manage our own energy levels to embody balance, poise and equilibrium on a daily basis. We will use movement, sound meditation and chant in our exploration of these themes. The food is vegetarian, nourishing, detoxing and locally sourced and organic where possible.

10am - 5pm

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This is the energy of the autumnal equinox, also known as mabon in the celtic calendar. A time of balance when daylight and darkness are of equal length and when we can tap into this balance to bring our own energies into equilibrium.. Letting go of the past as we set our intention for the future. Giving thanks for all that is.

In this one day retreat we will use embodied movement, breathwork, voicework and meditation to ground and manifest our intentions for the season ahead. Weather permitting we will get out to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the lodge.

No previous experience of yoga or meditation is required.

The food is vegetarian, seasonal, locally sourced and organic where possible and delivered by our wonderful chef Liis. Expect to sample home brewed teas and healthy juices as well.

Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring outdoor shoes/wellies and raincoat as well. While the food is usually vegan and gluten free do let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements.