As the earth moves around the sun and the nature around us is moving from different phases from death to rebirth (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn), so do we go through different phases in our lives and lifetimes.

Since time immemorial, tribal communities have celebrated seasonal cycles through prayer, chanting, and dance. Within all civilizations there are evidences of ancient circles representing the Earth movement around the Sun. These ancient symbols like Medicine Wheels from the Native American tradition, Chinese Yin Yang, Hindu Swastika, African Cosmograms - and closer to our tradition a Celtic Cross - are all reminders for the cycles of nature and cycles of our lives. In this one day retreat we will incorporate these basic principles of nature along with their symbolic expression.
As the Earth moves around the Sun and the Nature around us is moving trough different pha
Autumn in particular is a season of introspection and insight, when we prepare ourselves for the coming cold and dark winter months, slowly turn inwards and stay connected to ourselves. During our time together, we will explore various ways to access our true essence. We will engage in daily mindfulness and meditation, tribal drumming, yin yang yoga, nature ceremonies and tribal rituals, such as medicine wheel.. These various practices aim to explore and strengthen the connection to yourself, to others and to nature.

Join us for this wonderful day of reconnecting, deep diving and bliss in the wonderful place of Red River Yoga in Navan on the 9th of November 2019. The cost is 75EUR. To reserve your stay and for more information, please contact us at:

To reserve your stay and for more information, please send a Facebook message to INFINITY COACHING AND HEALING or contact us at: