Red River Yoga

Red River Yoga Marion Gilsenan

Marion Gilsenan

Marion has been teaching yoga since 2005. Her focus is on safely leading her students into a state of deep healing and relaxation in order to reawaken and strengthen the mind, body and spirit connection. The emphasis is on bodily awareness and mindfully easing into postures while allowing a smooth flow of energy.

Her classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility and are tailored to suit beginners as well as advanced practitioners of yoga. The focus is on a grounded and centred approach to raising the kundalini energy using prana and movement and a deeply healing period of relaxation at the end of each session.

She has been greatly influenced by the work of Eckhart Tolle and her own practice of mindfulness and sacred chant. Her body-centred mindfulness class is designed to deeply connect the student with the present moment and its infinite possibilities. 

Red River Yoga Miriam

Miriam Brennan

Miriam runs Children's Yoga Camps and Children's Yoga Classes in Swynnerton Lodge Retreat Centre, Navan. Miriam is a primary school teacher with over 30 years experience. She holds a diploma in the Teaching of Yoga with the Yoga Society of Ireland and has been involved with yoga for 25 years. She has taught yoga in various locations for more than 10 years.  She is also a qualified children's yoga teacher certified with the Yoga Society Ireland. Miriam has always had a strong interest in colour and how it influences health and well-being and is a trained Aura Soma Colour Care Practitioner. She is currently studying Emotional  Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as Tapping. Miriam's life's work has always been about empowering children.To her nothing is more important, necessary or sacred than this.

Red River Yoga Eleanor

Eleanor Moran

Eleanor started studying yoga in 2000 and recently completed further teacher training in 2016. She studied Hatha and Raja yoga in the IHCA and calls her practice Natural Yoga. Many of us lead busy stressful lives and natural yoga classes are simply a way to reconnect with your natural self. The classes are based on a simple and natural yoga practice which can be adapted to anyone. A lot of human suffering comes from trying to be something you are not. Natural yoga is about relaxing the body, focusing the mind and just being with your breath. The postures are soft and gentle, therefore effortless and without struggle. The results are a sense of ease and lightness and a feeling of being energised.

Red River Yoga Michelle Harton

Catherine Monaghan

Catherine lived in New York for many years where she began practising yoga. She decided to teach and trained with Green Lotus 3 years ago. She likes to practice Vinyasa Flow as it is movement with breath. She also enjoys meditation and relaxation techniques.

Catherine lives in Navan, Co. Meath.


Red River Therapists

Red River Yoga Ruairi Osborne

Ruairí Osborne is a Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapist. He is also a Certified Relationship Coach. Ruairí works with both individuals and couples. He uses an Integrative and Person-Centred approach in his client work. Some of the modalities used include: Body Psychotherapy, Ecotherapy, Vegetotherapy, as well as Biodynamic & Bio-release massage work. In his coaching practice Ruairí typically utilises tool such as Process Work, Gestalt, Psychodrama and Transactional Analysis. For more information please visit: www.CounsellinginGalway.ie

Red River Yoga Helen Sherry

Helen Sherry is a qualified Homeopath, Magnified Healing Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapist (IET) & Master Instructor, Reiki Master, Metamorphosis Practitioner & Doula. Helen has over 15 years experience in Heart centred & Client centred Energy Therapy & Healing. She combines a number of Energy Therapies and Homeopathy in a unique and comprehensive Healing package to bring you back to your optimum self. The space Helen provides is warm, open, compassionate, non-judgemental and loving. You leave feeling heard, seen and empowered with tools and remedies to use & take after the session. Helen's expertise is with issues in the tissues of the Heart, including grief, wounds of the heart, separation, rejection, abandonment, unrequited love, intimate relationships, desire to attract in ones Twin Flame & Soul mate and healing the Inner Child. Helen is an experienced group facilitator and facilitates a number of courses including Reiki One, Two & Three, Integrated Energy Therapy Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Level, as well as Calling In The One & The Seven Sacred Rays of The Elohim. Helen's wish is to help heal one heart at a time, knowing we're all walking each other Home. 

maura_odonoghue small.jpg

Maura O Donaghue trained with the Yoga Society of Ireland and has been teaching yoga at Swynnerton Lodge since its inception. Her qualifications include ITEC, Dip. Community Studies, Footcare Practitioner- chiropody and reflexology and holistic massage. Her loves include Eco Building and walking.