Healthy, Happy & Full of life!

All at Red River Yoga are here to help you take the steps necessary to enjoy a healthy happy lifestyle; to live a full life, empowered by a smooth flow of physical energy and your own spiritual connection. We promote overall body health and wellness.

Swynnerton Lodge Blackcastle, Navan is home to Red River Yoga. Elevated over a bend on the River Boyne, Swynnerton Lodge is the perfect setting for an all inclusive paradise for your wellness needs. We will encourage you to go for the mind and body that makes you feel most content- inside and out.

We want to share with you the simple and accessible tools for you to be your best self.  


Because this is the singular most effective way that you can reconnect with your soul’s longing. You can exercise till the cows come home but this will not reconnect you with yourself. The gym,housework, and other forms of exercise can be a means of running away from yourself. However when you do yoga your breath is the connection between your mind and your body.

And when you meditate you connect with your higher self. It’s why you came on the planet. To be yourself! Have the courage to create your best self possible within the boundaries of where you are at today.


We run weekly yoga and meditation classes suitable for all levels of ability and fitness. The emphasis is on mindfulness and breath awareness. Build your core strength, flexibility and body/mind connection. Heal your body, prevent injury and live your best life possible.

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We run workshops in Yoga, breathwork, sound healing, herbalism, stress relief, meditation and all other types of wellness. We can help you become the person you were born to be. Happy, healthy and holy